(This lesson was modeled from one I adopted from the Reederama blog)

Begin discussing our AUP and what it means to be responsible when using the computer.

Watch the below video to start our discussion.

Sign the AUP poster to promise you will be Responsible Digital Citizens.

Focus on Copyright and relate it to their images they are importing into their Google Doc stories.

The month of May is a busy time in the library. Our fifth graders were given the great experience of hearing

Soman Chainani, author of The School of Good and Evil series. Students were on the edge of their seats watching his presentation and many rushed to purchase his book. Watch videos from his visit.


INFOhio Survivor Quest: Will you survive?infohiologo_small.png

Today you will learn about some resources on INFOhio, K-5 databases. These are free resources to all Ohio students and parents. You are about to embark on the ultimate survivor quest. Will your team be successful or will you fall short? Follow Mrs. Swisshelm's directions for getting to the Google Doc and sharing with it with your team.

Survivor Google Document
Objectives of Quest:
  • Tribe must work together to meet the challenges while on the island
  • No one will be eliminated from your tribe
  • Only one tribe member should come up to the desk to get help
  • The tribe that successfully answers all the challenges within two weeks will be named the champion. That means you could have a greater chance if you work on it from home.

Rules of Quest:
    • These rules are based on the actual rules of the “Survivor” television show. Several actions will result in immediate elimination from the contest and expulsion from the island.
  • o Conspiring against another tribe (hiding items, etc)
  • o Not working as a tribe (don’t let one person do it all)
  • o Damaging anything on the island (any library resources or furniture)
  • o Acting up or excessively loudness (don’t let others hear your answers)

- Still learning about Black History Month

1.) Today you will visit The National Civics Right Museum and you will take a virtual bus trip before the boycott happened. You will have some important decisions to make. Click on this link to enter the bus tour. Bus Tour
**Two important things to remember before you start
1.) Only use your first name unless there is someone in the class that shares that name then you need to put the first letter of your last name after your first name.
2.) We will print your articles when you are finished. So when you view your final article don't skip past it. We need to print it.

black history month.jpgFebruary- Black History Month

1.) You in to visit this website
INFOhio and click on Bookflix
2.) Click on People/Places (REMEMBER to turn your volume down to a reasonable volume)

3.) Find a book that has something to do with Black History Month and view it


If you would like to sign up to help with the upcoming Book Fair please click on this Google Doc link and add your name. Be sure to read the directions on the Google Doc. I will be in contact with you next week.



Congratulations to Ms. Harper, the 5th grade student, who won our Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH reading contest. In order to win students were asked to read the book and submit their name in a raffle. Two winning students will get to go see Anderson High School Theater's production of this book. Congratulations!



Now it is time to share our career projects. Click on the Career Rubric doc, make a copy, listen to your partner's presentation, share your graded doc with that person via Google Drive.


Week 3
1.) Click on the Google Doc below,

2.) Sign into your Gmail accounts.
3.) Make a copy of this document with the naming scheme of your first and last name in front of My Chosen Career. Example: John Smith My Chosen Career. If you aren't show how to make a copy follow these directions:
a.) Go to file
b.) Choose Make a Copy
c.) Type your first and last name and My Chosen Career in the box that pops up
d.) Click OK

4.) You will need to have a second tab open with the WebCheck,
a.) To use this you will follow these steps: click Get Start at bottom, enter your first name only in the box, paste the address of your URL in the second box, don't put anything under your course, and click on the arrow beside Instrument Type and choose Junior.
5.) Open up a third tab open with website #1.
6.) Open a fourth tab open with website #2.
7.) As you research you are placing your answers on the Google Doc.

To copy and paste do:
1.) Highlight the address of the website
2.) Right click on the address after you highlight
3.) Choose copy
4.) Open up the WebCheck site
5.) Right click where it says URL
6.) Choose paste and your URL will show up
7.) If it doesn't work you didn't copy it so go back and repeat these steps

Week 2

These students are evaluating websites.

Click on the link under the table color that you sit at and working in pairs you will rate that website. Remember to move around on the site. Don't expect to find all answers on the home page. Remember to do your best because their may be some hoax hidden among these sites.
Green table:
Endangered Earth

Purple table:
The Jackalope Conspiracy

Yellow table:
Earth’s Endangered Creatures

White table:
Endangered Species

Pink table:
Save the Rennets

Blue table:
Kids’ Planet

Orange table:
Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus

Red table:
World Wildlife Fund

Week 1
Essential Question: How can I choose good websites for my research?
1.) Click on the following link and as Mrs. Swisshelm instructs you will review this site to answer questions that she asks. The secretary in your group will mark the answers for the group but the entire group will give input on what the final answer should be.

Essential Question: Can I place a signature and background on my gmail account?
Students explore Gmail Ninja and how to add themes and signatures to their email.

How to use Photostory

Creative Commons is a place where you can borrow some free stuff (remember what we learned that it would still be proper to state the name of the website where you got the image, video, music, etc.)

Examples of Photostories
[ invalid file: big mary by sierra, olivia, michael, and stefan.wmv ]