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Mrs. Moran Trails's Assessment
Mrs. Wilhelm Trails's Assessment
Mrs. Smith Trails's Assessment
Ms. Andrew's Trails's Assessment

Welcome to April my Fantastic Third Graders!
For your animal research you will be using INFOhio.orgToday I want you to click on the word INFOhio.org, click on the K-5 tab, and using the resources you learned about today you will search your animal and see if there is anything you can use. If so we can print it today.

Today you are going to be grouped up into great working crews. Your crew will show if you can master the library. As we approach the end of your third grade year we want you to have some basic library skills needed to be successful library users. Your crew will be embarking on a great library Scavanger Hunt.1.) Come up with a name for your crew.2.) Choose a team leader.3.) The team leader needs to share the Google Doc with everyone on your crew. Click here to begin.4.) Each person on your crew will take specific questions.5.) Begin your hunt.**You will be using the library card catalog, Destiny, and INFOhio to answer these questions.6.) Once your crew has answered all questions you need to share your document with Mrs. Swisshelm. The first crew that completes all questions correctly will get a choice day in the next few weeks.

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Using your email ...read all directions before asking me how to log in

1.) To get to your Gmail click on the picture of the computer.

2.) Remember to log into your email it is this format:
Username: firstnamelastname@foresthills.edu
Password: fh and your lunch number
DO NOT put any spaces or capital letters

3.) Once you are in you will click on Drive at the top
4.) Choose your Book Recommendation NOT your partners and continue typing
5.) Remember you do not have to save a Google Doc it saves automatically

Make sure you capitalize proper nouns, names of places, titles of books.
*Make sure you put one space after any punctuation mark.

Click here to see how to get a picture of your book into your Google Doc

Click here to watch how to get a picture of your book the directions are also posted below.

1.) Click on this link, Google Images
2.) Type the title of your book into the search box and hit enter
3.) Find the picture you like
4.) Click on the picture you like to make the picture bigger
5.) Right click on the picture and a box will pop up and you will click on Copy Image
6.) Go back to the Google Doc and right click inside the box and click on Paste
7.) Now since you borrowed someone's artwork you also have to cite your work, this means you will tell where you got it from. Go back to the picture you copied make sure it is still big if not you will need to click on it again, and to the right you will see a website address you need to highlight this address then click on the highlighted area and choose copy then go back to the Google Doc and right click on the title and choose paste. The address where the image came from should show up.

September/October Project:

We are learning what a book recommendation is and how it can help us find a "Just Right Book."
We are going to use Google Drive to create a book recommendation poster to promote reading throughout Summit. Please find a technology partner in the room that will be your "go to person" if you get stuck on anything throughout the project. We will be using the following link to access the form where we are going to design our poster. Mrs. Swisshelm will be showing you how to make a copy of this form. PLEASE do not enter anything on this form until you have made your own copy.
Book Recommendation Form

The Spaghetti Club is a great place to read some good student written book reviews.

Autobiography Unit